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NuRoof Retrofit Framing System

If you have roof problems due to leaks, high maintenance costs, low energy efficiency or a need to meet new wind uplift requirements, then look to the NuRoof Retrofit Framing System.

Flat roofs are naturally problematic. They lack the ability to effectively discharge rainwater to the roof's edge so they retain moisture on the rooftop for possible infiltration into the building's interior. Because most flat roof weatherproofing membranes are hydrostatic in nature, they are subjected to a greater range of performance issues. Membranes such as built-up roofing must be expertly installed to provide a level surface to prevent water ponding.

These membranes require continual maintenance to provide weathertightness assurance. It is common for a building owner to spend an average of 12 cents per square foot per year on maintenance. Add to that the additional cost of a total roof replacement as the roof membrane reaches its life expectancy of 15 years. Compare this to a metal roof that has minimal maintenance requirements and a life expectancy of more than 30 years. Due to savings on maintenance expenses and a metal roof's long life, a retrofit metal roof system will easily pay for itself over time.

The NuRoof Framing System can be designed for utilitarian, low slope applications with roof slopes as low as ¼:12. This application is an economical approach that uses our 3" high Ultra-Dek or Double-Lok standing seam roof system so ensure weatherability and long-term satisfaction. For high-slope applications, the BattenLok HS or SuperLok roof systems offer more architectural aesthetics and ease of installation.

As companies grow, they often find they must expand their facilities, which can result in challenging roof geometries. The flexibility of the NuRoof Retrofit Framing System offers the building owner the ability to work with these complex roofing issues.